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Fast WordPress learning course in 3 hours enable you the knowledge and skills to create, manage and design bespoke WordPress website. Book your wordpress training course in London & rest of the UK.

WordPress training course

Our comprehensive WordPress training course cover first option to choose daily website contents updating procedures, adding new contents and looking after website on daily basis. Second option is to design a wordpress website that includes domain name setup, hosting account details, database creation, ftp details and wordpress website setup in practical manners.


Updating Website

Our wordpress training covers wide range of website updating skills such as editing, deleting, adding pages, products and news contents.

Domain names

For advance wordpress learners we cover how to setup nameservers in domain name settings and how to point name servers to your host.

Hosting Account

Our website design course shows basic hosting functions and featured that a developer has to deal on daily basis to setup a website in hosting account.

Uploading Files

Our training covers how to upload secure file in hosting account by FTP, FIREZILLA, and File Manager in cPanel environment.

Creating Database

Basic database training to show how to create database, database user name, show how to connect and allocate permission to each database.

Setup Website

After successful completion of this course, learner will be able to setup basic wordpress website design in their hosting account.

Learn WordPress in 3 Hours

We provide home based online wrodpress training course for students and learners. You can do this in your Free time and gain valuable knowledge to secure job opportunities with leading employers. We are based in Luton but most our clients are based in London and rest of the United Kingdom.


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Website Design Course

Join online website design course in London and rest of the United Kingdom. Our online web design course cover basis knowledge of worpdress website setup, including domain and hosting features.