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Virtual Private Servers

Outstanding, reliable and stable are the words you need to remember when talking about Virtual Private Server hosting. It is one of the powerful server that a promising business would need.

Virtual Private Servers Features

You will find that we provide you with many features that can help you enormously in your business routine. We guarantee they will help our customers a lot.

Free rapid setup

Rapid Service! Something very common at We are Londoners. We can deliver your product on the same day itself.

FTP access

Sharing of files has never been so easy. Today from one host to another, you can share any data or information file instantaneously.

24/7 tech support

We provide you a customer assistance on 24/7 basis. This team will respond to any of your query and provide their help to you.

We Are Londoners UK VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting has the maximum requirements and resources to satisfy the needs of your business. It is a must today for promising businesses to achieve higher with a good website able to handle large traffic.

  • Advanced SAN based storage
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Powered by NetApp, Virtuozzo & CentOS
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Starting @ £54.99 Per month

All Plans Included

You are going to inherit a lot of important features from We Are Londoners to get the best out of the best. These are the basic things that will help you achieve a lot in your business.

Free rapid setup

We provide you a rapid service delivery. You can your server for usage within 24 hours.

5 dedicated IPs

Your business will be indeed lucky since we provide you with 5 IPs. This will helps you a lot when having many visitors on your website.

Money-back guarantee

If any mishap occurs or something did not satisfy your needs, we are ready to give you back your money.

24/7 telephone, email

If you have any query or any trouble, you can always get in contact with us through our phone number available on our websites or through email. We will respond shortly.

FTP access

You have the FTP access, for the sharing of files from one host to another. This will save you a considerable amount of time in business.

24/7 network monitoring

Your servers and network are being monitored by our engineers if anything goes wrong. You should be worrying at all.